Writing Coach/Manuscript Consultant

Let me help you with your writing! While my specialty is poetry, I also work with prose writers, including students writing papers and applications to colleges and graduate programs. I will work with you on a project of any size, and over any time duration.

I offer a safe environment, nurturing each writer's individual voice through risk-taking and greater elasticity with language. My goal in guiding other writers is to nurture their authenticity. I will gently invite you out of your own way. My critique of your work will be objective and thorough, but sensitive. You will receive detailed comments from me, whether we meet in person or by e-mail, about each piece I evaluate.

I believe that writer-to-writer guidance is best provided by deep and respectful listening, and by identifying and applauding the author's best tendencies.

Please contact me at frannielindsay@gmail.com


This fall, I will once again offer my workshop on Writing the Unspeakable at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education. This course tends to fill up quickly, so early enrollment is encouraged. Over the years, this workshop, which focuses on the objective and artistic treatment of loss and tragedy, has become a safe community of poets who have come to know each other through candid discussion. Newcomers are always extremely welcome.

Writing the Unspeakable: a Poetry Workshop on Grief and Trauma
Writing memorable poetry about grief is a little like being a surgeon. You can't be squeamish. You can't let your heart be broken by woundedness. You have but one duty: identifying, with your keenest awareness and without pity or sentimentality, why something hurts. In this workshop, we will wash our hands, roll up our sleeves, and go straight to work. We will name things. We will explore the gleaming dignity of candor. We will examine the musculature of difficult poems that stay with us. Participants will come to recognize the innate strengths of their own and others' individual voices. We will become familiar with the instruments - aesthetic and instinctual - needed to write forceful, generous poems on topics that are hard to face.

Fridays, 6:00pm - 9:00pm. begins September 18, 2020 (via Zoom)

Maximum enrollment: 10.



photo by Meg Birnbaum